Tile and Grout Cleaning


Ceramic flooring can be found almost everywhere; kitchens, entranceways, bathrooms, etc. and almost always have similar grout cleaning and tile restoration problems.

Cleaning your tile and grout every two weeks will often yield a sparkling, mold-free appearance.  However, when tile and grout is neglected Hard water and mold can build up.  The grout between the tiles is porous and easily absorbs dirtb and staging soils.  Over time, the dirt and soils infiltrate and become trapped in the pores of the grout. When this happens, your grout will appear darker, dirty, or even discolored.  When the condition of the grout becomes this bad, traditional cleaning methods - including scrubbing on your hands and knees - isn’t going to help.

KLEEN-WAY will provide cleaning services of high quality tile and grout cleaning for most every tiled surface.  Our cleaning process restores your tile and grout to its original beauty.