Our Promotions

I’ve decided to add this section as of late because I’ve had a couple of customers call me to say they wanted a price comparison after being led ASTRAY by a competitor‘s “SPECIAL”.

The instances proved what I have always believed.  They felt taken advantaged of nine times out of ten.  I find my everyday price is a better value than a competitor’s hook or gimmick.  Now in fairness, I believe every company has the right to determine what their time is worth.  You as a customer can decide if that amount, whatever that is, is of value to you.  What I don’t agree with is the “fine print” and “up to amount of square feet the price goes up”.


Next time you fall prey to a special company’s coupons,promotions or other gimmicks,read the fine print, get a quote, and then compare that to my EVERYDAY PRICE.  then decide for yourself where the better deal lies.

I pledge honest work at a far price.  Never have, nor will I obtain your business through a perceived sale or gimmick.

Cory Bischoff | Kleen-Way | 20 years service